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About The Author

Garry Fleming is one of the worlds most published children's author illustrators with more than 165 titles published in more than 56 languages around the world - spanning a 25 year carreer in publishing. Sales of his books total well into the millions. Garry's books have won many awards including the Whitley award, the Wilderness Society award twice, with Book council nominations on several titles including " Wild Australia close up."

Animals of the world a 2004 publication sold over 2.5 million copies in its first 2 years of release! Th. Bollygum, Garry's first attempt at writing and illustrating is celebrating its 20th year in publication. Regarded as an classic Australian childrens picture book- it has its own theme park in Victoria, and was chosen as one of only 6 books including  Possum magic and Animalia as a gift for the Royal baby George from the Australian people. 

   Garry has worked with most of the major publishers including The  Weldon Group, Random House, Hinkler books and The Five mile press and Lake Press to name a few.

Did you know -Garry now runs his own publishing company called Garry Fleming Publishing!

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